Laker Learners

1st Grade @ Indian Lake Elementary

Digital Learning/Practice

This past spring I submitted an application for a grant through the Logan County Educational Foundation and was awarded it at the start of the school year. The money for the grant has been awarded recently. You, your student, and myself are going to be the beneficiaries of it! Some of the money was designed to be used for premium memberships to online licenses. Mr. Hall's students will be able to use Splash Math, Vocabulary SpellingCity, and Flocabulary from school and home. As adults (teacher and parents with email), we now have the availability of tracking individual student's learning. This week I will send home Log-In information for many of these sites. These could be great practice opportunities for your child at home. Please let me know if you have more specific questions once I roll these Log-In credentials out.

Working w/ Words

Word Wall Words are continuously being reinforced as we read and when writing. There are many high frequency words that are not logically spelled, so for many of the students this has caused difficulty. In my recent blog post, I have embedded some of our past Word Wall Word lists along with the current week's. For those students who are ready to go further, there is the first 100 Fry Word List as well. Feel free to use the lists as flashcards whether if be from the computer, a tablet, or your smart phone.

A Glimpse @ the Laker Happenings This Week

Laker Movie 1