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Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 17

CURRICULUM NEWS for December 18th - 22nd

December 18th - 22nd


  • in, get, some


  • Noticing capital letters, spaces, ending punctuation in a sentence


  • Identifying nonfiction text features (photographs, captions, table of contents, labels, etc.)
  • Recalling important information from a non-fiction text
  • Distinguishing between fiction & nonfiction text


  • 6 Star Sentences - makes sense, has detail, capital letter at the beginning, punctuation, spaces between words, spelling


  • 2-D Shapes & their attributes - circle, triangle, rectangle, square (special retangle)

  • Science Exploration: S.T.E.A.M Stations & Science Tools Stations


  • Social Skills Lesson: Kind words & actions

The Sentence Song

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, December 21st - Class Winter Party/ Early Release at 11:45

*Remember to send a sack lunch with your child on this day unless you are signing out early

Friday, December 22nd - Friday, December 5th - Winter Break

*Students will return on Monday, January 8th*

12 Days of Holiday Spirit

We hope you will continue to join us in participating in The 12 Days of Holiday Spirit!

Below is a list of the themes for next week.

Monday, December 18th – Grinch Day! Wear something green!

Tuesday, December 19th – Ugly Sweater Day!

Wednesday, December 20th – Jingle Bell Day! Wear small jingle bells!

Thursday, December 21st – Santa Hat Day!

Winter Party Festivities!

When: Thursday, December 21st @ 9:15 - 10:15am

Where: WIndsong Elementary Cafeteria

Who: Parents & Students

*This day is an early release day. Students will be released at 11:45*

Lost & Found

The Lost & Found is overflowing with items. If your child is missing a coat, lunch box, etc., please check out The Windsong Lost & Found. It is located on the back/ left hand corner of the cafeteria.

If possible, please write your child's first and last name on his/ her belongings. This will help in ensuring that the item finds its way back to its owner.

Weekly Homework

Reading Homework

Listen to the nonfiction text below.

Have your child:

1. Find nonfiction text features (photographs, labels, titles, etc.)

2. Write 2 facts you learned about rabbits.

*Make sure your sentence makes sense, has spaces between words, and punctuation at the end.

Math Homework

Monday - Practice identifying 2-D shapes. Player one will draw one of the following shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, square). Player two will identify the shape and name two attributes (ex: a triangle has 3 vertices and 3 sides). Then switch. Continue until all shapes have been identified.

Tuesday - Practice drawing & identifying 2-D shapes. Player one will ask player two to draw a shape (circle, triangle, rectangle, square/ special rectangle). Then switch. Continue until all shapes have been drawn.

Wednesday - Go on a shape hunt inside your house! Find as many 2-D shapes as you can. Record what you find using tally marks. Which shape did you find the most? Which shape did you find the least?

Thursday - No homework. Have a great Winter Break!

*Challenge - Complete homework each night and add a piece of writing.


Write a sentence to match the daily activity - A circle has no vertices and no sides.

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~ Your Windsong Kindergarten Team