Tanya, Sushma, Binish and Emily


This is a program/ fundriser where it aims to advance global progress in achieving country set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment , care and support and to halt and reverse the spread of HIV and contribution to the achievement of the millennium development goals by 2016


defines direct support as data that captures the number of individuals receiving prevention, care, and treatment services through service delivery sites or providers directly supported by U.S. Government (USG) interventions or activities at the point of service delivery. An intervention or activity is considered to be direct support if it can be associated with counts of uniquely identified individuals receiving prevention, care, or treatment services at a unique program or service delivery point benefiting from the intervention or activity.


promotes integrating HIV responses with sexual and reproductive health care, part of an overarching strategy for universal access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services, including condoms. We support the empowerment of key populations, women and girls, and young people to live healthy and fulfilling lives and to access the services they need, free from stigma and discrimination and all forms of gender-based violence.