ENMS 11-15-13

Middle School Public Meetings

Our first of many upcoming middle school meetings was held Thursday evening in the auditorium. Even though there weren't a lot of community members in attendance it was a productive night. After listening to Ann's presentation the community brought up some great questions and points regarding the future of the building. The general feeling was that many people in attendance were in favor of a new building. Thank you for those of you that were in attendance that evening! The next meeting is Monday evening in Rome City at 6:30 and Tuesday evening in Avilla at 6:30. The school board is also discussing these public meetings on Wednesday evening at the board meeting.


Monday morning we will be discussing SAMR as a group in the library.

Progress Reports

Just a reminder that grades are due Tuesday afternoon before you leave for the evening. Do not enter grades until Friday morning. We will run progress reports Wednesday or Thursday and hand out in AL on Thursday

The Return of Bill

Lisa and I visited Bill on Friday to discuss his return. His doctors have cleared him to slowly return to work and see how things go. Bill will return this week on 1/2 days and hopefully be back full time the following Monday before Thanksgiving break. We are excited for Bill's return and hope everything goes very smooth for him.

Kevin Irons will continue to help in the office this week in the afternoon each day. Kevin has been a tremendous help with getting athletics around for the winter season and dealing with some discipline issues.