Life In The Goldfields

Aleuca A

Life on the Gold Fields

Life on the gold fields certianly wasnt the best life. There were robbers and food, water and supplies were minimal. There were people and tents everywhere and it was like a maze walking through the fields. It was dangerous and many people died whilst trying to find gold, some were buried alive, others killed in a rebbelion.

Chinese on the Gold Fields

People came from all over the world for the Australian gold rush. Mostly Chinese. Because the Chinese came from overseas and looked, sounded and acted different they were bullied. It was put to the extreme. Because it was part of the Chinese culture to grow their hair long and plait them they had their ponytails chopped off. Australians had never seen men wairing hair in plaits so they thought they were imposters. It was a harsh life.

Women On The Goldfields

When all the men were hard at work on the goldfields the women played a big part in the Australian Gold Rush. They made the food, looked after children and even dug for gold themselves.

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