Flim director

By: Nick Vernars

Basic Skills For Job

The basic skills for a video editor is knowledge of a movie production, editing equipment, to remain calm when something is going bad, to work for a long time, doing high quality things.

What types of activities are done on the job?

There activities is to editor the videos for the movie basically they edit for the movie.

Become a Flim director

What is the national average annual wage for this job? What is the average annual wage for this job in Texas? What is the average hourly wage for this job in Texas?

The national average is 71,350 dollars, the average annaul wage in texas is 92,350 dollars, the avegage hourly wage is 34.31 dollars.

What is the future outlook for this job?

The future outlook is most people with bachelor’s degree will have better chance to make it. So if you have an bachelor degree you will in instead of somebody else.

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