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Something for everyone

Drawing can really help you pass your time in a pleasant way. This activity can help to forget about day-to-day stess, relax and develop. It can also enrich your knowledge. Drawing is a great pastime!

Who can come to the centre?

Everybody can start to visit this centre.

We promise

We will try to make this activity is exciting and useful .


We offer modern facilities which make our centre an ideal choice.

Drawing in our life

Drawing plays a great role in our life. It forms our attitude and perception of the world, gives us more complete picture of the diverse world, lets us learn something new previously unknown. It can help person to open himself, to have a new look at this world.
Drawing brings real satisfaction people.
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Only talented people can become real artists, feel paints, colours, and a brush and make masterpieces.

The opening times

The opening times of this centre are from 12 am to 18 pm. Om Monday the centre is closed.


Admission is 100000 rubles for children.

Admission is 150000 rubles for adults.