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2022-2023- Reminders for the Start of School

Collins Cobras

Shelli LeBlanc, Principal

Amanda Cucinotta, Assistant Principal

Ariel Aymond, Counselor 5th Grade

Krystal McCure, Counselor 6th Grade

From The Principal

Happy Sunday Evening,

We begin Wednesday! In this update:

  • Times To Remember
  • Collins How To - Graphics (link to handbook)
  • Late Buses First days of school
  • Dismissal reminders (with graphics)
  • Rain Day Plan for Dismissal
  • Conroe ISD YouTube Update

At the bottom is a link to the last newsletter - if you still need Robotic Club and more.

To prepare for a great beginning:

  • Prepare for traffic and things to take a bit longer
  • We will begin lunch visitors sign up 8/17/22 - look for updates in the newsletters
  • Parents are not be able to walk their children into the school. If bringing school supplies from home consider bring a little each day to reduce a heavy load.
  • Check bus pick up time and location be 10+ minutes early to your stop and stay there as we are the last (3rd tier) for pick up so the bus may run late.
  • Bus Drop Off will run late for several days. Someone will be at Collins until all buses have delivered children home. Call 281-298-3800 if you are concerned about excessive lateness.
  • PM Car riders - please have your student sign with the student ID visible in the car when picking up.
  • Reviewing your child's ID number so that it is memorized.
  • Lunch is no longer free for all students. Please make sure to pack a lunch that will satisfy the hunger for the school day.

We are going to have an incredible start to this school year. Looking forward to a great adventure.

Wishing you all the best,

Shelli LeBlanc

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Times To Remember...

Bell Schedule:
  • 8:50 AM—4:00 PM
  • Students may enter the building by 7:45 AM (Please enter 5th grade side door)
Lunch Times (Visitor to Collins Café will begin Wed 8/17/22)
  • 6th Lunch A: 11:50 AM - 12:20 AM
  • 5th Lunch B: 12:10 AM- 12:40 PM
  • 5th Lunch C: 12:30 PM. - 1:00 PM
  • 6th Lunch D: 12:50 PM - 1:20 PM
Front Office Times:
  • 8:00 AM—4:30 PM
End of Day:
  • 3:30 PM Calls to change transportation will end
  • 3:40 PM Early check out of students will end
  • 3:35 PM Cones for car rider dismissal will be set - cars for early pick up will not fit in front parking area
  • 3:45 PM First Flight (7 cars) will move forward to cones
  • 4:00 PM Flights 1 and 2 dismissed along with bike riders
  • 4:07 PM Walkers dismissed - continue to scan parents cars using sign with student's ID number. Students will meet parents at cones 1 - 7. Once a flight is loaded it will be dismissed to take a RIGHT hand turn only to exit.
  • Buses will be dismissed based on bus arrival to campus.

Upcoming Dates

Prioritizing Safety

Providing a safe learning environment is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In addition to the many measures already in place such as secure vestibules and security cameras, you will notice some enhancements with the day-to-day operations. This year, all doors are required to be locked at all times. During times when students are changing classes or when large events are scheduled, doors will be actively monitored by staff. All staff and visitors must wear a visible badge at all times, with visitors’ badges including a time and date stamp. We will also be addressing additional requirements from the State and monitoring updates to the best practices we already follow. Safety is our ultimate responsibility and takes all of us working together.

Do you have questions about the Collins "How To" way? Screenshots below - but be sure to visit the online handbook!

Please be at your bus stop at least 10 to 15 min early in the morning the first 5 to 10 days of school.

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Late Buses First 5 to 10 days of school

During the first week or more of the school year, buses will run later than normal. We are the “third tier” and the last pick up for buses. Since the elementary bus run is before ours, and Kindergarten students must have an adult at the bus stop to pick up the child, our buses will run later. Not only will this make the bus arrive to Collins late, but it can make for longer bus rides home. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Dismissal Map

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PM Dismissal Car Sign

The only way for dismissal to run smoothly and as quick as possible is to have your car sign ready and visible to the person standing on the drive as you turn into Collins.

  • Every family is receiving 4 copies of car rider signs at Meet the Teacher.
  • Keep a copy in your car and anyone else's car that might pick up your child, including carpools.
  • Take a picture on your phone - is a great way to show the staff member when we read the student ID.
  • One other option is to take a piece of paper and write your child's ID number very large on the paper where the staff member can read the number easily from a distance.

Bad Weather

Dismissal in Bad Weather

We have had a natural occurrence of parents walking up to Collins to pick up their students by the bike rack closest to the YMCA. Even though we will not release students to walk or bike once a rainy day dismissal has been called, we will release students directly to a parent to assume responsibility for the safety of the child. We have a staff member collecting student names (car rider signs not required - but are helpful) and a system for students to report to the area where a parent is waiting.

If there is extreme weather (wind, hail, lightning, extreme rain) at 4:00 PM we will not utilize the walk - up process - parents will be required to only use the car line to maximize efficiency of safely exiting students from our building. If a rainy day dismissal is called but there is not extreme weather (wind, hail, lightning, extreme rain) at 4:00 PM, the walk up process will be open for parents to pick up their child(ren). Parents should wait by the bike rack closest to the YMCA and not the front porch.

Every parent should have a car rider sign, and it should be visible in the car rider line. If you are picking up additional students due to rainy day dismissal, please write each student’s ID number as large as possible on a piece of paper. Families without the car rider signs and without the student ID slows the process down substantially.

Access to Instructional Resources

Furthering the educational partnership between parents and the District and in compliance with SB 3, parents can login to their student’s learning management system (Canvas) and access electronic instructional materials through the SSO. To obtain your student’s login information, log in to Parent Access Center and view your student’s credentials in the section Student Username/Password. Please note that students in grades 7-12 have the ability to change their password. Please check with your child as appropriate.

Viewing Campus Accountability Ratings

Starting on August 15th, you will be able to view the Texas Education Agency rating for our school, plus much more, by visiting (Links to an external site.). You will also be able to search for schools using your address and compare our school to others. To learn more about insert campus name, your child’s STAAR performance, and how to use this information, please visit (Links to an external site.). We’re excited about the start of another great year!

Meals No Longer Free for All Students in the 2022-2023 School Year

  • Federal waivers providing Free meals for all students the last 2 years have now expired
  • Parents must complete an application for students to be eligible for Free or Reduced meals
  • The online free and reduced application opens July 20, 2022.

The Federal program providing free lunch for all students has ended.

Students who are in need of breakfast/lunch support will need to apply for Free and Reduced breakfast/lunch. Parents can apply online for Free and Reduced meals beginning July 20, 2022 at

Each year you have to apply for free and reduced meals. The program does not automatically roll over. Students without a new application will be removed from the Free and Reduced program September 21st.

2022-2023 Breakfast Meal Prices

o Student Breakfast $2.00

o Student Reduced Breakfast $0.30

2022-2023 Lunch Meal Prices

o Student Lunch $3.20

o Student Reduced Lunch $0.40

InfoSnap is Now PowerSchool

87% of Collins families have completed the PowerSchools (formally InfoSnap) process. If your family has not started or completed the process the district has sent email reminders. Please take a moment to finish PowerSchool prior to the first day of school. Thank You!

Collins PTO

Spirit Shirts

  • The school store is LIVE! Click below to purchase your brand new 2022-2023 school shirt. You call also purchase your PTO Membership. All preordered shirts are TAX FREE and will be delivered to your child's classroom before Meet the Teacher.

Join PTO

  • Lastly, while on Toolkit, you can also join the PTO.
  • The funds from membership dues go directly to support our students and staff with items such as Chromebooks, software licensing, staff development, musical instruments, PE equipment, staff appreciation meals, and more.

Please see the link below to order items through Membership Toolkit. When you first get on toolkit, please remember to assign the homeroom teacher for your student(s). This will make delivery of items easier and faster. If you have any problems in Membership Toolkit, please contact the Membership Toolkit Chair at .

Stay tuned for more PTO information and updates to come!

A Reminder About Dress Code

As you begin to make clothing purchases for school this coming year, please keep these items in mind. This is not the full dress code - but should assist you with summer shopping.

  • Spandex clothing, yoga pants and leggings are to be worn under other outerwear that cover the mid part of the body and approach the knee.
  • Halter-tops, muscle shirts, and spaghetti-straps tops are not permitted unless covered by another shirt.
  • Midriff shirts, or shirts exposing the midsection of the body, are not permitted.
  • It is suggested that Make-up/cosmetics not be worn and make-up/cosmetics will not be applied at school.
  • Pants/shorts may not be worn lower than undergarments.
  • Students who choose to wear shorts to school must wear them so that they approach a student's knees.
  • Flip flops may not be worn during P.E. classes.
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts should be of appropriate length (approach a student's knees) and tights should accompany shorter dresses, skirts or shorts.
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Conroe ISD Update #27 - August 4, 2022
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