Week of 9-15-14

School Grade

The state released school grades on Friday to school districts. These are not public yet but we are allowed to share with staff.....just keep it a secret. The last several years we have received a letter grade of a D, which resulted in the middle school becoming a Focus school for the state.

Last year's school grade was a.....C! This is the first time our school has been a C in a long time and worth celebrating. When I opened the report on Friday and saw the C I was excited but it also brought to mind one of my favorite quotes:

I'm not what I want to be

Not what I ought to be

But I'm thankful I'm not what I used to be

Our school has improved and that is fantastic but I know none of us are satisfied with receiving a C. Take time to pat yourself on the back but continue to focus on improvement. I believe the middle school finally has a combination of the correct people, culture, and educational focus in place to do some great things!



On Monday morning we will be discussing evaluations for this school year. Included in this will be RISE items and the new evaluation tool- Standards for Success. You will also be meeting in teams to look at some sample lesson plan formats to use this school year. There is a team leader meeting on Monday where we will discuss your thoughts.

If you remember from last year our DOE rep recommended us having a common lesson plan and submitting those on a schedule.

Change of Outside Duty

Outside duty changes on September 22nd. Below are the new people and locations. You will need to look at the staff handbook to see locations and new people. If you are currently in charge of getting the radio for Sheridan St. or in charge of the bus check sheet, you will need to pass that responsibility onto somebody else.

Noble County Grant

On Wednesday the 17th, Margarita White, who is the Program Director of the Noble County Community Foundation, will be at the school to meet with staff at 3:00. She will be explaining some grant opportunities for teachers.

This will be a short meeting and will be beneficial to attend. The meeting will be in the library. (After school study tables will need to be moved to room 202)

8th Grade Vision Screening

Just a reminder that Monday morning all 8th grade students will be doing their vision screening. This will take place in room 204 and 206.

Goal Setting

This week students will be setting goals with you during NE time. I have put the goal sheets on Sharepoint for you to use. Make sure you edit this online so others can access it at the same time.

I have also included an instruction sheet on there for you to look over if you have any questions.


NE Time:

Monday- Friday- Goal setting with students

Monday- Friday- Continue with Career Explorer

Tuesday- DC Lesson

Thursday- DC Lesson

Office Staff:

Tuesday- Deming out at Region 8, Laur out at field trip, Ackerman out at Coop training


Monday- VB Gold @ Central Noble

Tuesday- CC vs WN, Oak Farm, Fremont, Eastside

- VB Gold vs Fremont

- VB Blue @ New Haven

Wednesday- FB vs Carroll

Thursday- CC vs Dekalb

- VB Blue vs Summitt

- VB Gold @ Prairie Heights

Saturday- CC @ WN Invite

Other Meetings:

Monday- ELA meeting w/ Becca 1st period

- Math meeting w/ Becca 3rd period

- Team Leader Meeting

Wednesday- -ELA meeting w/ Becca 1st period

- Math meeting w/ Becca 3rd period

- Noble County Grant Meeting- 3:00 in Library