Your not the only one


Your not the only one

what years were you in middle school?


What kind of music, movies, and fashion were popular?

Star Wars, jeans, Nike, walkmen radios,Police,Van Halen, M.T.V

What were your favorite activities during Middle School?

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Basketball, playing the Atari

What job/interest do you have now that you can relate to today?

Music, Movies, Video Games, Comicbooks, fishing

What was the best part of Middle School?

Being older and being able to see Movies and TV shows that I couldn't when I was younger/more freedom

What was your worst part of Middle School?

Still being treated like a kid.

How would you explain your Middle School self?

Quiet and shy

What advice would you give kids my age?

Be brave,like who you are and especially have fun

Do you remember what your school was called?

Massabesic Junior High

Did you have fun in Middle School?