By Vivica Jebanesan

Who came up with the idea of discrimination?

For a long time in history, people have been discriminating others if they're different. There have been large conflicts over segregation and sexism. All these conflicts occurred because people think it's OK to treat someone differently because they're not like everyone else. This is still a very big problem because a lot people are considered outcasts because their different from the normality. It's alarming that people have not been treating people equally because we might look different on the outside but we all bleed the same blood.

Where does a child learn to accept one another?

After a child start attending a school the child thinks that they have to be the coolest in the group, always trying to be better than everyone else. A perfect example of this scenario is in the book Stargirl by jerry Spinelli. The author describes a character as a loving and accepting person who treats everyone equally. Teenagers in her school do not accept her because she's doesn't want to be like everyone else."I'm made entirely out of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." This quote shows before you accept others you have to learn to accept yourself. If you can not learn to accept yourself you'll never be comfortable in your own skin.
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Why does a child want to be better than others?

The answer is simple, the child doesn't want to be bullied. No parent wants their child to come home crying because someone at school bullied them. If someone thinks that another person is better than them that person starts to get insecurities because their not as good as everyone else from what that child thinks. "Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions" (Will Smith). This quote shows that if you let what the bully says get inside your head you'll fail to see why their doing it and even though this is a bad thing you need to understand that they are dealing with problems too. The impact words have on a person is very strong and sometimes people fail to see it but inside everyone's heart there is a different story.