Mrs. Hoehner's Weekly Wrap - Up

All you need to know about our life in 3rd grade!

Teacher's Corner!

The holiday season is creeping upon us and we still have so much to complete. This upcoming week is a busy one for our school , so hang on tight!!

Our next scheduled WACKY WEDNESDAY is December 16th! It is dress in your best or ugliest holiday attire!

Reading, Writing and Word Work

This week the students have finished learning about figurative, nonliteral language. We have had a blast understanding the meaning behind similes, metaphors, idioms and personification. As I hoped would happen, when I confer with students I am beginning to see students try out the use of this language in their writing! Next week, we will begin finishing up an testing on this unit.

As this time of year encourages, we are "wrapping up", the writing of our informational piece. The students are enjoying researching some favorite topics, learning the importance of a great introduction. Next week, will be a busy writing week as writers learn that the conclusion is the bow on the package! We will also follow through to our publishing stage, after a quick peer editing session.

Math Madness

We have officially finished our addition and subtraction unit! Your child should have brought home their test with a grade. (Some students are still finishing.) We will now enter "The Realm of Multiplication/Division." The students and I are very excited to get started with this.

You may have heard them talk about an online Learning Management System we are using called Schoology. This is something that I have wanted to incorporate into my classroom for quite a while. This program let's me post notes, videos, assignments, and assessments all in one place. Students can access these resources from home using a computer, tablet, Kindle Fire, iPad, or phone. I encourage you to ask your child about it and have them show you how it works and what they can do with it. It's just the beginning of it and we are very anxious to see where this will take us! I will have more information about it very soon.


Wacky Wednesday: Wear holiday attire: Dec. 16

Reading MAP: Dec. 17

Winter Party: Dec. 18

Winter Break - Dec. 21 - Jan.1