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November is Picture Book Month! Let's Celebrate!

Did you know November is Picture Book Month?

How can we share a love of picture books with our students? One way is to take the time to read a picture book to your class every day during your reading lessons, writing mini lessons or even just for fun! November is the perfect month to invite guest readers (specialists, principals, parents, Mr. Smith, Mr. Gartley, literacy specialists, school board members, community members, etc.) to read a picture book to your class! I would be more than willing to read aloud one of my favorite picture books! Here is a Teacher's Guide that's full of ideas for celebrating Picture Book Month!

In my newsletters this month, I will share some of my favorite picture books. I would love to gather some new titles from all of you! Please share your favorite picture book in the comments section of this newsletter so that we can gather new titles from one another! Let's share the picture book love!

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How Can You Celebrate Picture Book Month?

Show this incredible video of What Is a Picture Book to your class! Children's book authors and illustrators answer the question: What is a picture book? I think it would be a great idea for your class to come up with your definition of a picture book! Older students could even create their own definitions. It could make for a great hallway display!

Visit the Picture Book Month Website for blog posts and activity ideas!

Here is a link to the Picture Book Month Calendar! Each day, an author/illustrator, is listed. On that day, he/she has an essay posted on the Picture Book Month website about the importance of picture books.

I love this blogpost by Jillian Heise about why she reads a picture book aloud everyday to her students! Check out this post to see how she records her read alouds with her students! How can you record the picture books you read aloud to your class this month? You could create a chart with book covers or even a calendar where you highlight your #bookaday!

Many classrooms lead a Mock Caldecott Award for Picture Book Month. Here are 22 new picture books I would love to get my hands on!

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