Al Capone

Al Capone aka Scare face the story of him, by:Travis Johnson

Birth of the Mobster

Al Capone was born on January 17,1899 in Brooklyn New York to Gabriel and Teresina Capone,how could Gabriel and Teresina have 9 kids and have them all turn into gangster or criminals.

Education of Capone

when he was old enough he went to school learned math, language arts, science and social studies but at the age of fourteen he slapped his teacher and was expelled and he joined a local gang.
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Al Capone provided illegal liquor it was brought from Chicago to New York and since people want liquor they would pay a lot of money so because of bootlegging it caused Al Capone to become rich but someone got in the way Billy Mcswiggin he was causing a big set back.
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St. Valentines Day Massacre

It was February fourteenth 1929 Al Capone was a reviling gang and the leader was Bugs Moreno where going to get whisky but got caught by two police men they lined up with there hands up and they pulled out there Tommy guns and shot all but two dead which was Frank Gusenberg was shot but Bugs Moreno saw the cop car and ran but what really happened was Al Capone he check into a hotel with his girlfriend giving a perfect alibi he lured them designed two men as police men to kill all of them but that part back fired.
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Mobster to Jail

After being found guilty of tax evasion he was sent to prison because of tax evasion as he was in jail he still had men on the outside that were loyal then one day they brought him things for his cell lambs,desk a dresser and etc and they made his old cell into a room for a king.
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Public Enemy Number One Going to Alcatraz

After getting sent to "The Rock" or Alcatraz he was trying to impress or show off to the other convicts the warden was not happy with that so he sent them to there new cold cell.It was getting better for Al Capone,Al and another convict got into a fight but he also tried to con the warden to get more privileges until one day.

The Attack of Al Capone

It was a normal day for Al working in the prison basement an inmate in a line for a haircut had a plan he grabbed shears had some words with Al then he stroke stabbing him Al was sent to the prison hospital.he was released a few days later with a slit wound.
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The Final Days of Al Capone

After he got attacked he got he started getting signs of syphilis which he most likely got it from his other women in his life,so the sent him to a Terminal prison in southern California so he spend his time in jail spending the rest of his time in that jail.After the rest of his years in jail he was released on November 1939 he spent some more years as a free man but on January 25 1947 he died of pneumonia.
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