Graphic designer

the job you need to know

what is a graphic designer

have you ever wondered where poster of say your favorite video games or movies?

wanted to make a custom t-shirt with a design you created well that is s job for a graphic designer

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why you should learn

there is some sort of satisfaction when know a kid loves your work the aw in your glory creation and that makes you feel amazing. you should learn this if u have any interested in becoming an artist

Salary and Benefits

  • the anual salary for a Graphic artist is around 50,952
  • bonuses- each bonus is 1,083
  • Healthcare- 6,592
  • 401k/403B-1,873
  • Social Security- 3,981

education required

you need a bachelor degree in graphic design and any other education after if desigered such as masters

working conditions

  • usually work regular business hours, but may be required to work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines
  • usually work in offices and studios, but may also work from home or travel locally to attend photo shoots
  • work in conditions that may be stressful due to deadlines