Lost And Found

By: Avery La Point

Main characters

The main characters in Lost and Found are Jay Grayson, Ray Grayson, students at Taft Elementary school, and Ray and Jay's parents. Jay's middle name is Ray and Ray's middle name is Jay. They are identical twins. They don't always get along that good.

What it is about

It is about two twin boys who wanted to feel like one person. So, they made a deal to switch off going to school. This is what they did: *First Jay went to school*Then Ray went to school*then Jay*Then Ray and then...They got in trouble. Badly. They got sent to the principals office. Their parents were there and Ray and Jay were squished together in a set of two chairs plunked together. The principal suggested for a punishment the boys would be suspended. But their dad stood up for the boys and said it was unnecessary to suspend them at school while they will punish them at home.