Jeremy Sims for President

(Hadley) American Republic

About Jeremy Sims

(Courtney Clark)

Jeremy Sims was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 20, 1975. He married Caroline Murry, and has four kids. He also has a black lab named Buddy. Jeremy went to college at Princeton University. Before running for President, Jeremy was the govenor of Michigan for four years. He loves reading, playing with his kids, steak, and he especially loves watching Michigan football. Jeremy Sims is going to fun this country Fast and Forward, and Run it Right!

Reasons to vote for Jeremy Sims

(Paul) These are a few reasons to vote for Jeremy Sims. He will promise to Raise the Economy very high with his plans. The Education for kids will be great by the '' Super School Plan!'' The Defense will be greater with th ''Big Bang Plan'', by getting better relationships with enemy contries. Lives will be saved with the ''All State Plan''.

Come To The Convention!

Thursday, Oct. 25th 2012 at 8:45pm

23rd St

San Francisco, CA

(Courtney Clark)
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