Marketing Newsletter!

You know, 3's a pretty cool number: Feb 5 - 9th

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  • Tracker: Check it. Aaand if you complete every task in one week, I will give you a special prize which will change each week. This week's prize? 1 Starbucks order free of charge.
  • Applications: Our efforts have been working! We've already gotten 21 total applications (15 GC and 6 GT)
  • Meeting with Career Services: I had a great meeting with the career services guy who said that he is going to help us advertise through GWork and around the school!
  • Merch: Thank you for your input on the merch! After a talk with finance, looks like we can't afford to get them right now... unless we get 100 exchanges!! LETS DO IT!!
  • Newbies are coming: 4 of them! This means we gotta be super welcoming to have them join our team. We are going to be having a retreat sometime next week with everybody so we can train them. Take a look at this powerpoint: I'd like for you all to volunteer to present at least one section in a hip and cool way. Let me know which section you'd like to do.
  • Induction: Sat, Feb 6th, 11-3 at the Alumni House; 5:45 Meet at FB metro, 6:30 eating at Eat First! Put it in yo calendars, yo. Also, after party at luis' apt: Amsterdam 406
  • Team Leaders!: Team leader applications were completed a while ago, and now with all these newbies, we can have team leaders! Who are they? Victoria and Luis! Congratulations :)
  • New Team Structure: University Relations and External Relations. It's coming. Job Descriptions are coming too :)
  • Photos: I finally uploaded those pictures, check the marketing folder!

Action Steps:

  • Dorm Storming: We're gonna do it again and this time we're going big. Fill out this when is good ASAP so we can schedule it soon!
  • Tracker: Keep doing the great work you've been doing! Also, please put your phone numbers and emails below your names in the tracker :)

Ways to keep up with the world:

You guys mentioned wanting to stay up to date with the world, so here are a few cool sites I like! Make one of them your homepage and you'll always be informed.

Nytimes: Get a nightly news update by email here:

Aljazeera: This news site typically shows different views from your typical american news channel (make sure you get the british version by typing Aljazeera britain into google if you have to)

BBC: Another great way to catch up on the news.

Highbrow: Free online courses once a day, also by email. They're sweet!


Really cool info-graphics: information is beautiful

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