Help Save The Tigers

Panthra Tigris

Why The Tigers Are In Danger?

Tigers have lost 93% of their historic range. Their habitat has been destroyed, degraded and fragmented by human activities, they have been clearing the forest for agriculture and timber trade, also buildings. Another reason is that tigers and humans are competing for space. This conflict threatens the remaining wild tigers; and poses a big problem for the people that live near or in tiger forests. As forests shrink and the prey gets limited, the tigers are forced to hunt domestic livestock. But many communities depend on that for their livelihood. Then tigers are captured or killed. The tigers are known for being sold in the black markets.

Physical and Behavioral Adaptations

Tigers need power and strength to catch a lot of prey.Tigers are also very strong swimmers, they are able to carry their prey through the water so that no one steals the prey from them. Most tigers avoid humans, however there are some dangerous man eating tigers. Tigers wear a camouflage coat so people don't see them, also no tigers have the same stripes.

Plants That Live Around The Tigers


A type of vegetation, with long narrow leaves. It grows wildly on lawns and pasture; also used as a crop.

We are lifesavers

If you help me in saving the tigers we can save thousands of tigers, together!

Guaranteed To Save Lives

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