The Weekly Growl

October 24 - 28, 2016

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This Week

Monday, October 24

  • 3:30 Behavior Committee
  • 5:00 - 9:00 pm Spirit Night @ Hat Creek Burgers
  • 5:30 7B/7A Football @ Ridgeview

Tuesday, October 25

  • 3:45 - 6:00 CATCH Night
  • 5:30 8B/8A Football vs. Ridgeview

Wednesday, October 26

  • 1:30 Early Release
  • IB Culture Day
  • 2:00 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, October 27

  • 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball vs. CD Fulkes
  • 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball @ CD Fulkes

Friday, October 28

  • Wear Jeans With Hernandez Shirt

Saturday, October 29

  • Choir Clinic/Concert @ The Long Center, Austin

Next Week

Monday, October 31

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. CD Fulkes
  • 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball vs. Hopewell @ SPHS
  • 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball vs. Hopewell @ SPHS

Tuesday, November 1

  • Girls Basketball Tryouts
  • 3:30 Behavior Committee
  • 5:30 8B/8A Football@ CD Fulkes

Wednesday, November 2

  • Girls and Boys Basketball Tryouts
  • 4:00 Site Based Meeting, Library

Thursday, November 3

  • Girls and Boys Basketball Tryouts

Friday, November 4

  • Wear Jeans With Hernandez Shirt
  • Boys Basketball Tryouts
  • 7:45 IB Learner Profile Awards, Lecture Hall

Saturday, November 5

  • Region Choir Clinic and Concert

Upcoming Events

Nov. 7 6:00 Meet the Dawgs Parent Athletic Meeting

Nov. 10,11 Picture Day

Nov. 11 Veterans Day Assembly

Nov. 14 Girls Basketball 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley

Nov. 14 Girls Basketball 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley

Nov. 14 Choir @ SPHS Vertical Concert

Nov. 16 PLC Leads Meeting, Library

Nov. 17 - 19 Orchestra Region Clinic and Concert

Nov. 17 Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley

Nov. 17 Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley

Nov. 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanks to my teammate Laura Seelig for all of her hard work for our students.

I appreciate my Genius Hour partners in crime, Laura Seelig, Adrienne Morea, and Anna Carter. I am so happy to work with teachers who are willing to try new things for the benefit of our students.

- Sofie Vastano

I would like to thank everyone who helped with PSAT duties, especially Matt Wilson, Katie Schultz, Kristen Morgan, Casey Gembicki, Jeff McBride, Tim Peck, Ashley Harmon, Allison Lee, Briana Flores, Michael Bergeron, Antonieta Rueda, Laura Terry, Virginia Cole, Chenita Toler, Ryan Smosna, Desiree Le, Veronica Neira, Caitlin La, Wendy Tucker, J'me Washburn, Lara Raesz, and Xochitl Swords. Thanks to Nachelle Scott, Yvette Bradford, and Donald Bosier for covering me while I was in testing mode. If I forget anyone, I do apologize, but a successful testing operation requires so many helpers helping us all do the best thing for our students, and I and our students are grateful for you all. Thanks!

- Jeremy Thompson

Kudos to the science department for being awesome co-workers!!!

Briana Flores, Ashley Harmon, Jennifer Squires, Elisa Klepper, KC George, Jean Sarre

- Allison Lee

I want to give Kudos to everyone who always steps in to help with my always SUB situation. lol Especially Mr. Kino, Mr. Leo, Ms. Puentes and Ms. Raesz.

- Melissa Alier

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Danielle Albrecht 2

Matt Keeter 4

Natalie Nichter-Ramirez 10

Cecilia Azulay 18

Lara Raesz 30