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Approve YouTube Videos

You now have the power to approve YouTube videos! Log into YouTube using your VBSchools credentials (short email and password) and you can set videos to "approve" which will allow them to be viewed by anyone with Virginia Beach credentials.

For more information, read this Google Doc and watch this YouTube video


Hooray for single sign on! Students in Virginia Beach can now access all online resources (textbook, TenMarks, Achieve, Wixie, etc) through one single sign on process. After logging into the computers, students will go to the CLEVER resource page. There is a link on the sharepoint page for both schools when the students log in. From there, they will see everything they have access to. It will be different from grade level to grade level.

Home access is super easy. Students just need to go to the school's webpage and click resources. From there, they can click the CLEVER link and log in!

See the images below for access to Clever at school and at home.


Did you know that we have full access to BrainPOP this year? There are some great new tools to use too! Training will be coming up, but if you want to dive in early, let me know! I will show you how to create your classroom and access it with your students.

Personalized Learning

Goal 2: Multiple Pathways

All students will experience personalized learning opportunities to prepare them for postsecondary education, employment or military service.

More info is coming! In the meantime, learn more here.

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