Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Day 8 - Google Earth Does More Than Street View!

Google Earth

Most of you have seen and used Google Earth, but did you know about all the really amazing things that can be done using Google Earth? Google Earth includes detailed images of our wonderful blue planet, and you can travel to the moon, fly to Mars, and explore constellations and galaxies around the universe, as well.

Did you know that you can trace and measure distances just about anywhere? How about exploring the planet for over 50 species of 3D trees? You can even travel back in time using Historical Imagery in Google Earth.

Check out the short beginner instructional videos below on how to explore Mars, Moon and the Stars, and the Drawing and Measuring Distances (look out for the shark!) features of Google Earth. On the Google Earth Beginner Tutorials page you will find several other videos highlighting the great features of this amazing educational tool.

Learn Google Earth: Exploring Mars, Moon and Sky
Learn Google Earth: Drawing and Measuring

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