Yellow Fever Leaves Girl Stranded

Fever 1793

Innocence vs Experience

The theme of this book is innocence versus experience because she is stranded in Philadelphia with the yellow fever. No one is to be found and she will have to provide food and water for herself. Other than that, how will she be cured of the Yellow Fever?

"I stood dumbly while Grandfather knelt by Mother's side."pg.63 Here is where her mother had collapsed and she was dealing with that. Another quote that can help support the theme is when her grandfather was talking to a young man who was most likely sick, "'Hullo there, good man!' called Grandfather. 'There is no place for the dead up here. Hullo!"' Living through a traumatic time, this is an obvious theme.

Fever 1793 tells the story of Mattie Cook, a young girl who comes of age in Philadelphia during a period of epeidemic.

Anderson uses the first person point of view. The fourteen-year-old protagonist, Mattie, gives readers the facts of Philadelphia and the epidemic quickly. She selected the title Fever 1793 because the story occurs during the period when Philadelphia suffered severe loss in population from the 1793 yellow fever epidemic. Her child hood friend Polly is announced dead after she did not show up for work and Mrs.Cook, Mattie's mother, stops by Polly's house. There is also a rich family by the name of Ogilvie. Their youngest son was supposed to be young Mattie's suitor but when the Ogilvie family's oldest daughter dies from yellow fever, the Ogilvie family fled the state, along with every healthy person. Maddie's grandfather, who tends the shop since her father had died, and Elisa, the helper, helps her take care of her mother until Maddie is sent away to live among the healthy.

Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever 1793 About the Author

Laurie Halse Anderson was born on October 23, 1961 in Potsdam, New York, to Methodist minister Frank A., Jr. and manager Joyce Holcomb Halse. The author says that she decided to become a writer in second grade. Her teacher taught the class how to write haiku. She enjoyed it a lot and hopes that every second grader will learn to write poetry. Halse soon started reading library books for hours. The magic of the elementary school library came alive in life. Heidi, one of Halse's favorite books, sparked her interest in foreign cultures.

This book has won ALA Best Book For Young Adults, A Junior Library Guild Selection, New York Public Library's 100 Books For Reading And Sharing, New York Public Library's Best Books For The Teen Age, and a IRA Teacher's Choice and a ABA Pick of the Lists award.