The Devonian Time Period

Rylee Wibstad

Major geologic events

Some of the major geological events where the seas rise and fall over what is now North America. Lots of fish were in this time period another name for this time period is Age of the Fishes because there were so many fish. A stronger environmental link to Devonian extinction involves the layers of black shale characteristic of low oxygen conditions. Environmental stress is thought to take place when high global temperatures slow the mixing rate between the ocean’s surface and deeper layers. Bottom waters experience a lowered re-oxygenation rate, which may result in the extinction of many marine species.

Climate and Environment

The climate of the continental interior regions were very warm during the Devonian period and generally quite dry, it was also very equitable. The environment was like a desert it was dry it had lots of plants. Since the weather was warm it made life good for the plants. They started developing tissue that could help the move water through the stem, now they were producing seeds and the first trees began to cover the land.

The main animals and plants

There are two main animals one is a fish the other is a bug. The fish is called the Tiktaalik rose it had flipper like fins that could help it walk through the shallow waters. It's back limbs where stronger than the front. There where also sharks. You will also see a bug it is called the Rhyniella praecusor, it is like a millipede or a centipede. It was a flightless hexapod with a segmented body. There where many plants like horsetails and ferns, the most common one is the Archaeopteris. It could grow up to about 98 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. It had a softwood trunk with fern like leaves connected directly to the tree lacking stems.

The main things you will see

When you travel to the Devonian time period you will see many things. One of the many things you would see would be the fish, some of the fish are large sharks other are just small fish with limbs that help them walk in the shallow water. Another thing you might see a lot of would be bugs these bugs are flightless. The last thing you would see a lot of would be the big trees that grow there.

Some things you should pack

I would pack some cloths that you would not get to hot in, some good shoes that cover your feet. I would bring a sleeping bag and a tent to sleep in, and some bug spray so you don't get bits. I would also bring some food that does not need to stay cold, also bring some fishing supplies so that you can have other food than what you originally packed.

Some of the dangers you may face

In the water there are sharks. These sharks started out only eating mollusks and invertebrates but over time they changed and started to eat meat, fish, measuring up to 33 feet long. These sharks were not meant to last over time they became extinct, but the fish we have today are in some way related to the sharks. There are two groups one is the cartilage group the other is the bony fish group. The cartilage fish group is named because they have cartilage skeletons which later rise sharks and rays. The bony fish group where fish that were covered in scales and had maneuverable fins, most fish we have today are bony fish.