Republic Presidential Democracy

By Lyd, Manders, Arab

The branches of government

Citizens voting for who they want to run their country

Presidential Democracy

In a presidential democracy citizens are capable of voting for their leader or president to lead the government as the head of the executive branch. This site will show you all the counties with this form of government.

It is made up of different branches but the power of checks and balances keeps one branch from complete control of the government. Each state/ province is assigned with electors that represent both houses of congress.

Pros and Cons


  • Almost impossible to remove presidents from power before their term ends
  • When presidents are't from the political party at controls the legislature, little to no progress will be made


  • May be more responsive with the public
  • Like to have more legitimacy and public support than does a prime minister chosen by a parliament
  • Presidential system separates executive and legislative powers, making it easy for each branch to watch over the other to prevent power abuse
  • More stable than parliamentary where they can be dismissed at any time.