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Wrapping up Term 1

Term 1 has flown by and as we get ready for the holidays I thought it was timely to touch base with everybody again. I've had some great school visits, and love walking away feeling inspired and invigorated to be able to work with such dedicated and talented teachers!! I don't always get time to get photos during visits, but thanks everybody for sharing your ideas.

Please take the time to reflect on your week 10 data - Yes you need to send that data to me, but the real purpose and power of the assessment is to drive your future planning and teaching. So..... what are the strengths your students are showing? What areas do you need to work on in your teaching? Areas you can identify that needs further development.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Some independent activities ......

Some classroom organisational ideas

Guided Writing.... when can I stop!?!?

Some or your students will be ready to drop guided writing, some will require it for a while longer.

Remember guided writing lessons can discontinue when students demonstrate that they -

  • know how to move from talk to written language
  • have well developed alphabet knowledge and letter formation
  • understand what they need to do to hear and record some sounds in words
  • write left to right across the page, with correct spacing and control the return sweep
  • acquire a small writing vocabulary of words that are securely know (8-10 min, 20 words better)
  • appreciate why they need to monitor their own writing

Interactive Writing

Interactive writing provides meaningful demonstrations of how to write messages and stories. It shows students how to move from spoken to written language. It involves students and teacher collaborating regularly to write different types of text. It can be used at any time during the day for a range of writing purposes.

How does it look in your classroom?

  • Is there a wide range of continuous text displayed in your room?
  • Easel to write on?
  • Magnetic white boad for word work during the Interactive Writing with magnetic letters (in alphabetical order x2 plus coming endings ing, s, ed etc)
  • Word wall
  • Butterfly cards and other collections of high frequency words accessible/displayed
  • Alphabet display
  • Environmental print
  • Are you illustrating/displaying the print in and around the classroom?
  • How are you programming/recording the lesson and what was taught and why ie connections to syllabus and/or continuum

Red Level Word Work

New word work is coming..... here is a one page script if you want to take a look before our next training day.

Whiteboard Rubbers

I noticed that at Terranora they use small student whiteboard rubbers at "Head Quarters". I really like the size for small hands, as well as being quicker for the students to use and taking up less space at the table. Perhaps something to consider...

They were ordered from Modern teaching aids.

They are called "Teachables Mini Erasers"

Big image

Training Session

Our next training session is Tuesday 10th May (Week 3, Term 2) from 12.30pm in the Library @ Kingscliff Public School.