The Wright Brother


The Wright Brother

The first powered airplane was invented in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. when they where young they father brought them a toy helicopter and they play with it until it broke , that was what spark they interest in airplane.They spent a lot of time to observe bird and how they glide . Kitty Hawk in North Carolina was where they use as they testing field .After many experiment they finally successfully create the first airplane in 1903


1.Wilbur Wright broke a flight record and his flight time was 1hr 31 min 25 4/5 second

2.The Wright Brother spent a lot of time watching bird fly.

3.The invention of the self oiling wheel hub came about when they designed and built a printing press and opened a bike shop where they sold their own brands of bikes.

4.Even thought they invented the airplane they were once mischievous student who never graduated from high school.



This is Orville and Wilbur Wright-First Flight
they working in they bicycle shop.