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September 29, 2017

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

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October 2 - Picture Re-Take Day

October 4 - PTO Meeting at 10:30 am

October 13 - End of the 1st Quarter


Thank you all for another successful walkathon! Final numbers are still being calculated, but it's looking to be our best year yet!

We had a beautiful day, and collected 123 pairs of shoes for Matthew 25 Ministries Hurricane Relief. Thank you to all of the volunteers (especially Carrie Dippold and Dianne VanderBrink), staff, and students for all of your hard work!!

Staff Member of the Month

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful staff at the Greene School. With your help, we will select a Staff Member of the Month at our staff meetings. Please take a moment to complete the form below so we can recognize their great work!

Staff Member of the Month

Picture Re-Takes

Any student who did not get their photo taken on "Get Connected Day" , any student who is new, and anyone who needs a re-take, should plan on having their photo taken on October 2nd. Photos will be taken between 8 am and 12 pm. This will be your last chance to have your picture in the yearbook.
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PBIS for Parents - Playground Expectations

This week’s video focuses on the playground. This is a very important video to watch and talk about with your child. Not only is following the rules of the playground important so that all students are safe, but how to play fairly and resolve conflicts are also important skills to ensure a great recess experience for all students. Talk with your child about the activities he does at recess. Ask what issues she may have experienced or seen at recess and talk through some ways of resolving those issues. Please know that the recess monitors are always willing to work through any issues and walk the children through that difficult problem solving process. We appreciate your support in making sure that recess is a fun and relaxing break in our students’ day. Enjoy!


Please begin clipping and mark your calendars for our fall Box Tops collection, October 2- 6. The wing in each grade that collects the most box tops will receive an extra recess! Students should please turn Box Tops in to their homeroom teacher. For more information including a list of participating products, visit
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Aviation Station is coming to your neighborhood!

The Aviation Station will be rolling into your neighborhood to provide Homework Assistance, STEAM activities, and free wifi on the following days each week of the school year:

Mondays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Fields Ertel Townhomes

Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Hazelwood Community Center

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Sycamore Terrace

Thursdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Blue Ash Kohl’s parking lot (Plainfield & Hunt Roads)

If you would like your child to participate in this free service, please fill out the permission form and return it to your child’s school prior to the day of the Aviation Station visit in your community. For more information regarding the Aviation Station, please visit our website at

PTO Membership and Directory

The Greene School Directory App will soon be ready. Specific instructions on how to access will be e-mailed to those families who have joined the PTO. If you have not yet done so, there is still time to join and receive the app. Click here to be directed to the PTO Membership webpage which gives instructions on how to join either electronically or with a paper form. Any questions about Membership or Directory, please contact Betsy Rinehart at or Wendy Andersen at

Haunted Festival 2017 Friday, October 13, 2017 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

New this year, for each shift you volunteer the night of haunted festival you will receive 5 tickets good for games, food and drinks!!!

Haunted Festival is the Blue Ash Elementary PTO’s largest annual family fun night. Many volunteers will be needed to set up, run games, activities, and tables during Haunted Fest! We would love your help by working one shift such as running a game or selling food. We need 300 volunteers to make this festival run smoothly! Adults and children in 5th grade or higher are welcome as volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and students 5th grade and up. Choose the shift and assignment you want and you may select to work with a friend. We can’t wait to see you! If you have questions please contact Debbie Flinchpaugh-Kirby at

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The Aves Hangar Bookstore & Spirit Shop

Upcoming Bonus Shopping Hours

Thursday, October 5, 3-8 pm

Click here for a complete schedule of store hours

See an online photo album of our current inventory

Where do I park at the high school when visiting the Aves Hangar?

Please visit our webpage for more information.

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Transportation Count Week

This year's school bus ridership count will take place October 2nd-October 6th. Counts are taken on the morning ride into school. Please consider having your children ride the bus.

Know! To create an after school prevention plan

Heading back to school is a time of transition, especially for students entering middle or high school or students attending a new school. Studies show that times of transition increase a child’s risk for substance use. For some students it is the stress of having to navigate through a new school building and seeing so many new faces; for others it is the new or increased peer pressure to fit in and belong. For many students, it is the new or increased exposure to substance-using peers; or it could be the higher expectations coming from teachers, coaches and parents. Or, it may be a combination of the overall pressure to do well in school and in extracurricular activities.

Teachers are powerful influencers in the lives of their students. What you share in your classroom can positively impact a child’s decision to not use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs during those high-risk transition years and other times during middle and high school. Teachers are also in a position to guide parents in helping students make healthy, drug-free lifestyle choices by encouraging increased prevention-related conversations at home, as well as encouraging parents to implement an after school plan to reduce their student’s risk for use.

In most schools, the beginning of a new school year presents opportunities to connect and share such information with parents. When doing so, we ask teachers to keep three points in mind:

  1. KNOW! every student is at risk for substance use;
  2. KNOW! to increase your knowledge on current and emerging drug trends;
  3. KNOW! to increase the number of prevention-related conversations with your students (in the classroom and at home).

It is also important to know that for youth between the ages of 12 to 17, the hours after school are critical when it comes to preventing substance use. The majority of drinking, smoking and other drug use among teens takes place when they are hanging out together, unsupervised, after school.

In order to reduce the likelihood of your students’ use of substances, parents need to know where their children are and with whom they are spending their free time, and they must also ensure that their children (your students) are being appropriately supervised after school. This can be tricky for some families, who for one reason or another, have a child or children at home alone in the hours following school. For these families, you can encourage them to set the rule of no friends in the home without a parent or other trusted adult being present.

Another point relevant to a child’s risk, including those who are properly supervised, is how they are spending their after school hours. Those engaged in sports, band or other extracurricular activities for at least some afternoons during the school week, are at a reduced risk for use. Teachers, you’ll definitely want to share this next statistic: Youth who routinely go home and do homework - they are at the least risk for substance use.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to preventing students from using alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, teachers should be aware that there are certain times children are at greater risk (heading back-to-school is one of those times), and overall there are certain things you can do and encourage parents to do (like increasing prevention-related talks in the classroom and encouraging parents to provide afterschool supervision, set rules for when friends are allowed over and by encouraging certain after school activities and routines) to put students at better odds for remaining substance-free.

Learn how to get the conversation started at StartTalking.Ohio.Gov.

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Greene School Activity Brochure

Is your child looking to get involved at the Greene School? Below is a link to our 2017-2018 Activity Brochure. You will find information on all of our clubs, including the dates they meet. Please tell your children to watch our video announcements for information on how and when to sign up.

2017-2018 Activity Brochure

Pictures for the Yearbook

Calling all parents! Those cell phones take great pictures! When you capture a moment at the Greene School that you are proud of, PLEASE email the picture in its ORIGINAL SIZE to

At the music program, kids having fund together, walk a thon, carnival…as long as it is Greene students, pass it on so we can fill our yearbook with some great photos! Don’t wait til the end of the year! Email your photos right away! THANK YOU!!