the Winskill Weekly

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

The Sprinkles on My Cupcakes

Cupcakes.... tasty little cakes smothered in frosting. And if we are really lucky, there are sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. For me, each day is a cupcake. Something to be savored and appreciated. But the sprinkles? Those are added with each connection, conversation, interaction that I have with a child. The little one who reaches out for a hug as I pass by the kindergarten lockers. The boy who holds the door open with a big smile as he says "Good morning, Mrs. Whitford." The cluster of second grade girls giggling over their lunchtime conversation. The two first grade boys who earn the opportunity to help set up the lunchroom each day and on Friday, demonstrated their Monkey Walk around the cafeteria when they were done. The trust in the eyes of the child who asked me for help in solving a problem with a friend. Sitting with 5th graders to talk about the books they have read and what they liked or didn't like. The beaming smile of pride on the face of the 3rd grader who met his goal in all areas for the very first time. The excitement on the face of the 8th grader who came with a list of questions to ask Geoff Herbach and who was brave enough to approach him and request an interview. The awe in the voices of the high school students who talked about meeting Geoff and that he had actually spoken to them. "He's a real author! And he said hello to me!" Those are the sprinkles on my cupcake. What are the sprinkles on YOUR cupcake?

High Fives and Fist Bumps

”High five to Miranda for covering my class while I attended an IEP meeting.” – Margaret

*Fist bump to Kathy V for helping a student turn his day around on Friday! #MadeTheDifference

*High five to Micki for all of her hard work, which led to the success of Geoff Herbach’s visit on Friday. Our 5th graders thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and represented Winskill well.

*Fist bump to Tina for setting up the laptop and Presentation Room for the 5th grade DARE session each Thursday!

Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon
Funny Motivational Video - TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

March and Beyond


3/16/2015 Have a Magical Monday

RtI K-2 @ 3:30 Jodi’s room: OR (Schaefer) , QP (Schaefer) AL (Chambers) LJ (Ingebritsen)

3/17/2015 Talk With a Brogue Tuesday!

St. Patrick’s Day – Wearin’ O’ the Green

Treats in the Lounge- please bring a (green) snack to share!

9:00 Admin Mtg

3/18/2015 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Teacher Observation @1:00

Faculty Leadership Mtg @ 3:30 in library

3/19/2015 Thoughtful Thursday

Teacher Observation @1:00

2nd grade to Orchard Manor @1:45

Gifted &Talented Mtg @3:40 MS LMC

3/20/2015 Have a Fantastically Fun Friday!

Teacher Observation @8:15

10:30 School Tour

End of 3rd Quarter

Beach Party Day

Staff meeting at Copper Dome

3/23/2015 Have a Marvelous Monday!

RtI 3-5 @3:30 in Tina’s room TS

Leah out of district- WEMTA presentation

3/24/2015 Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Leah out of district- WEMTA presentation

3/25/2015 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Teacher Observation @9:50

Dental Hygienist

3/26/2015 It's a “Tho Much to Share About Our Kids” Thursday! (my apologies to Jen E for creating an epidemic of staff with speech needs.)

World Epilepsy Day- Wear Purple Day

(Feel free to wear jeans & change before your conferences begin)

Evening Conferences

3/27/2015 No School for Students / AM Conferences

5th & 6th Gr. CASH roller skating – Skate Country in Dubuque

3/30/2015 Have a Marvelous Monday!

K-2 RtI in Jodi’s room

3/31/2015 Time for a Terrific Tuesday!

5th Grade Music Program @ 2:0o

4/01/2015 Wonderful Wednesday! Happy April Fools Day!

Early dismissal- grade levels will switch specials schedules

8:15 kdg

9:15 1st grade

10:15 5th grade

4/02/2015 Vacation for Students and Staff-Enjoy!

5th & 6th Dodgeball tournament – Winskill Gym 2

4/03/2015 Vacation for Students and Staff- Enjoy!

4/06.2015 Vacation for Students and Staff- Enjoy!

4/07/2015 Vacation for Students and Staff- Enjoy!

4/08/2015 Welcome Back Wednesday!

Staff Meeting @3:30 in LMC

4/09/2015 Think About It Thursday

#WinskillPride Assembly @9:15

4/13/2015 Make it Magical Monday!

3-5 RtI in Tina's room @3:30

Friends of Winskill Mtg @6:30