Welcome to Kindergarten

Creating a smooth transition for you and your child.

Kindergarten is a big step.

We would like to help your child make a smooth transition to kindergarten. Working with you and your community agencies, your school will create a transition plan to make the move to kindergarten a positive experience. Familiarity with school expectations can positively influence students' attitude toward school and reduce anxiety about school.

Guiding Principles of the Transition Process

  • Focus on the whole child and family. Children bring to school with them their culture, their family and their family values.
  • A successful entry plan involves collaboration and sharing of resources and information among all concerned parties; family, school staff, pre-school program providers and community agencies.
  • Transition planning must respect the student's cultural heritage, Aboriginal members or new Canadians alike, ensuring equal opportunities for all children.
  • The entry plan sets out clearly defined procedures, responsibilities and timelines in language and terms that all parties are familiar with.
  • The Entry-to-School plan is responsive to the specific needs of a student. They are as unique and varied as the children in the classroom.

Robin Peissel