5th Grade Newsletter

Meet the Editors

About the letter

Colby, Hailey, Marissa, Vanessa, Melayna, and Adan are the editors of the 5th grade newsletter we go over it and fix mistakes and set up what goes where. We will put up a newsletter every week. A different class each week. So keep a eye out for the newsletter.

Getting To Know The Editors


Hi I'm Melayna, one of the editors for Mrs. Davidsons fifth grade homeroom class at PVE. As an editor I will make sure the Mrs.Davidsons class newspaper is the best quality.I also really like helping people whenever I can !


Hi I'm Hailey and I am one of the six editors. I love any type of informational project. I also like helping others when I get the chance. I hope every person reading this newsletter keeps reading on.


Hello I'm Adan and I am one of the editors. Personally I love technology such as computers, phones, and Ipads. I really love to do cool projects involving anything such as this newsletter (kids only). I hope you enjoy every single one of our newsletters!


I am Vanessa and I am one of the editors and I like helping, all classes put effort on doing their part of this newsletter and I hope you like our newsletter we write we always have a new newsletter each week don't miss any of them!


Hi Im Colby I am one of the editors and I like to help people. The newsletter will be 100% kid made about the stuff going on in school. Read all of them because it is elementary school kids are going to make it.


I'm Marisa I was shocked when I found out that I was an editor. I'm in Mrs.Branstetters class every time we write a news letter we're going to write something new. I love putting stuff together and making it look fantastic. With all of are hard work put together it makes it even better than with just one person.