Turn Down for What????

Taboo Life of drugs on College Campuses

Drugs and Alcohol

"Around 1,825 college students die under the influence of alcohol between the age of 18 and 24, and 599,000 and students from the age of 18-24 have been injured while under the influence (College Drinking). "

"However, Adderall is not the only type of drug that seems to be roaming college campuses. Molly, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana are the other types of drugs that are around college campuses but Adderall seems to be the most infamous. (Eddie Cruz)"

"Students who abuse Adderall also tend to get symptoms such as low blood pressure, headaches, dry mouth, loss of appetite, depression, irritability, rapid mood swings, and insomnia (Risks of Adderall)."

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Drugs & Alcohol - College Transition

How to end this Epidemic?

" The University at Albany present the information creative ways such as peer theatre performances and guest lectures (Alcohol and Other Drugs)"

"During the conference, a program called AAA, Aware Awake Alive, was brought up in order to stop the issue of drug and alcohol abuse. AAA was founded by Scott and Julia Starkey after their son had died after an alcohol poisoning at CSU San Luis Obispo. They now devote their lives by using the non-profit organization AAA to prevent such tragedies happening again and usually go to high-schools and other universities to speak to students about the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. "

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