Robert Hunter Report

Sept. 6, 2020

Robert Hunter Elementary School

Mrs. Sherri Glaab, Principal

Mrs. Jessica Braynor, Vice Principal

Sept. 6, 2020

Dear Robert Hunter Families,

This school year is truly like no other! This summer has been a whirlwind of changes and preparations to make sure our students have a great school year!! Whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person, and no matter the challenges - our students will continue to learn, grow, and thrive. Our amazing Robert Hunter teachers have been working extremely hard to get ready for this unique and challenging year. They are so committed to the success of their students and cannot wait to see them on Tuesday!!

Many similar questions have been coming up through emails and during our information sessions. Please read through this newsletter for clarification on these topics.

We know families are facing many different challenges during this time, and we know this situation is far from ideal. We are here for you - to answer questions, to hear your concerns, and to problem-solve together. We ask for your patience as we support one another and tackle challenges that come our way. We are a strong community and we will get through this journey together!!

Mrs. Glaab and Mrs. Braynor

This week's calendar:

Sept. 8th - DAY 1, First Day of School! See you on Zoom!

Sept. 9th - DAY 1

Sept. 10th - DAY 1, Curbside Pick-up

Sept. 11th - DAY 2

Virtual Instruction handbook

Thank you to everyone that attended our parent information sessions! All of the information that was shared (including our school schedule) can be found in our Robert Hunter Virtual Instruction Parent Handbook:

Robert Hunter Virtual Instruction - Parent Handbook

You can also find the parent handbook on our website (under the parent tab).

Counselor Corner Link

During the "self-guided" portion of virtual instruction, students should complete the Counselor Corner activity. Please see the link here to access the video lessons and activities:

Counselor Corner link

This link will be be posted in Google Classroom for Grades 3-4. Once K-2 students learn how to use Seesaw, they will be able to access the link there.

Curbside Materials Pick-Up - Clarification

We wanted to offer some clarification regarding our Curbside Materials Distribution on Sept. 10th.

We know that this date is not ideal, as school begins prior to our distribution. Unfortunately, due to a delay in shipments, we have not received all of our classroom materials and we want to have all of our materials ready so that families do not need to come to the school multiple days.

We want to assure that your child will be able to participate in virtual learning next week without all of their classroom materials. The focus of the week will be on building classroom communities and acclimating to virtual learning.

During Curbside Materials Distribution, teachers will not be teaching live zoom lessons at their grade level times. They will be preparing asynchronous activities. You do not need to bring your children to the curbside distribution, but you are certainly welcome to bring them for a quick wave! Some teachers may be assisting with the pick-up.

Many questions have come up about siblings. You do not need to come to multiple grade level times if you have children in different grades! We just ask that you email our school secretary, Robyn Bennett when you will be coming in, so that we can coordinate and ensure that all of your children’s materials are ready for pick-up! You can reach Robyn Bennett at

If you have any other questions, please let us know! We know this is a challenging start to the school year. Much is out of our control, but our number one priority is that our students are set up for a great year!!

Big picture


Due to a delay with the vendor, FRSD currently does not have devices for our Kindergarten students. As shared in district communication, a survey went out asking for families that were in need of a device. The district is working to redeploy devices that were returned and provide a device to those in need. Our tech team is feverishly working to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have a date of completion.

All new students will be getting a device; however, we are awaiting the redeployment of those devices as well.

At this time, working off of a personal device or even a phone will suffice. We understand this is not ideal, nor sustainable, and are working to rectify the situation.

While we know this situation is a challenge, we are looking at options for all our children to stay connected to their class.

In the meantime, teachers are being mindful of this obstacle that we as a district are facing.

What will the first day of school look like?

Students should have received a Zoom link from their teachers. Students should log into their Zoom meeting at 8:50 on the first day of school, ready to meet their teacher and classmates!

Throughout the first days of school, teachers will spend time getting to know their students, and providing children with opportunities to connect and get to know their peers. Stories, community building activities, discussions, virtual learning expectations, and FUN will be the focus of our initial school opening! It is imperative our students feel safe in their learning space so that they are ready to take risks and grow as learners!

Robert Hunter teachers are so very excited to meet their students and start this learning journey together!!

Does your family need tech support?

Call (908) 284-7652 or email:

Technology Parent Academy - Join our district's upcoming Zoom sessions!