The Romeo and Juliet Code

Phoebe Stone


When eleven-year-old Felicity Bathburn Bugwig is forced out of her home in London due to the war, she has to go stay with her long lost relatives in Maine without her parents, in a house full of secrets! When the first letter arrives Uncle Gideon snatches it out of her hand so quickly all she can see is that it's from Portugal. When the second letter arrives, Felicity recognizes her fathers handwriting before Uncle Gideon snatches it up and locks it away. Felicity is starting to get suspicious, on why her parents left her in Maine, and headed to Portugal closer to the war! By the time the third letter gets there Felicity is determine to know the truth. Felicity and Captain Derek decide to break into Uncle Gideon's office, just to find out the letters are written in code. When the letters stop coming all together Felicity knows she has to find a way to discover what is happening to her parents. It is a big task but with Derek by her side she is determined to crack the Romeo and Juliet code.


I think the theme of The Romeo and Juliet Code, is curiosity is not always a bad thing. In this book Felicity's curiosity leads her to finding out what her parents were actually doing, and a lot more about her family history. Also, her curiosity leads her to meeting Captain Derek, who because he was self conscious about his arm, would have stayed in his room the whole summer if it wasn't for her. A lot of people think that curiosity just gets you into trouble, but in this book her curiosity leads her to finding out a secret that will impact her life forever.

Historical Facts

This book ties in with WWII because the reason that Felicity had to go to Maine in the first place, was because her home city of London was being bombed very frequently and her parents felt is was not safe for her to be there anymore. Also, while she was in Maine, her parents were in Portugal helping civilians escape the war. They did not have to change facts about WWII to make this book, because people really did bomb London which caused people to leave their homes and people did help other people escape the war.

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