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Through Newspapers in Education, I was invited to subscribe to the e-edition of the New York Times to use in the classroom. I sent in the information for us to do that, and now we have access to the Replica Edition of the New York Times to use in the classroom! This is a terrific resource to engage students in non-fiction articles, or to browse the day's news!

So, how does it work?

Visit eedition.nytimes.com to go to the log in screen. You will need the username and password to log in, so if you're interested in using this, please send me an e-mail and I will gladly share that information with you. This way, our login information isn't broadcast to other locations and our subscription is available for ALL of the teachers at Sudlow that want to use it. Once you're in, you have access to all of the day's sections, along with student and teacher resources to be used with the articles. How cool is that?!

Classroom Use

If you're doing a Current Events lesson, or want a short lesson plan to round out a unit or the end of a week, reading and analyzing articles online from the NY Times is a perfect solution! A great advantage is, each student can log in using their Chromebook, complete and assignment in Google Docs, and then Share it with you! This will alleviate the stack of old newspapers piling up! Or, they can simply log in for some silent reading time, and peruse the articles that interest them most. Plus, not a penny will be spent by anyone on any of the editions!

Resources Available within the E-Edition

Once in, there are several resources available for both students and teachers. You may choose to use these or not, but they are included with the Sudlow subscription!

Teacher Resources:

Introducing the Times: Printable handouts and links that help you and your students get acquainted with The Times.

Short Activities for the Day's Times: Warm-up activities, curriculum extensions, skill builders, and literacy games all in easy to use and print PDF format.

Curriculum Guides: An assortment of guides to use when teaching for subjects of English/Language Arts, Geography, Science, Social Studies, Government, and Literacy Skills.

Daily Lesson Plans: A great sub-site to explore for other activities to use with the NY Times.

Student Activities - These are great, short activities that can be printed out and used for any day's newspaper. Some activities include: News Bingo, Student Opinion, Daily News Quiz, Fill-Ins, and a This Day in History activity. There's even an opportunity for a "Test Yourself" option for vocabulary and comprehension building activities.

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