Technology at Lineville

Keegan Mepyans

Typing Web

1. I learned the position of the keyboard keys and learned how to type faster and more accurate.

2. It was repetitively easy to get to where we needed to be by the end of the semester.

3. Typing web was fun because when you type you were actually typing a small story.


1. It was fun because it was really interactive.

2. I liked it because it was challenging to fit the clips in the small time frame it gives you.

3. iTrailer was fun because you got to work and make your own trailer.

Career Locker

1. It showed the career that was best for you I was sad when my "Dream Jobs" weren't on the list.

2. This site was nice because it kind of leads you to paths.

3. Career locker was fun but I still really want to be a "Video game designer."

Haiku Deck

1. I was able to look even farther into the job of a Video Game Designer.

2. It was fun to see the salaries and data about all the different jobs.

3. Haiku Deck is an in interesting site that would be good for making presentations.

Explain Everything

1. Making the voice over was hard because I didn't get it at first.

2. The math problems were very simple so it didn't take long.

3. I learned how to use the Explain Everything app

Hour of Code

1. The games it had to play were fun.

2. I made a flappy bird game where you cant lose.

3. It taught me how to use code.

Email etiquette

1.We got to write an email to the teacher.

2. I learned that you need to address every email.

3. I'm pretty sure the teacher said mine is good.