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Cakes are the universal sign for love after flowers & greeting cards and omnipresent whenever there is a celebration around the corner. Cakes are needed for every occasion, it could be a birthday, anniversary, promotion, Father’s/Mother’s day etc. and the list goes on. Gone are the days when a normal chocolate or fruit cake would be apt for every party or occasion. Now, each occasion has a cake that’s apt in reflecting the spirit of the occasion.

Bakers in Mumbai have really pushed the envelope in the cakes category. Each one comes up with unique new ways to make the cakes look beautiful and at the same time, trying to keep it tasty. A new trend introduced is that of Theme Cakes. Theme cakes are custom cakes and cannot be bought from the store 2 hours before a party. Theme cakes require some amount of planning and advance booking from the customer so the bakery does get ample time to fulfill the custom request.

Theme cakes can be of different varieties. The children’s category can have themes like theme parks, sports, swimming pools, cartoons, movies etc. The main idea behind this is to transport the child into the world portrayed by the innovative design of the cake. Other themes like incorporating 3D pictures of couples on the cake to mark their anniversary are also very famous.

Most of the theme cakes are made to order and have to be delivered to the customer’s house. In a city like Mumbai, offering delivery all over the city is a tough task for a bakery. For example, cake delivery in Andheri is offered by very few bakeries. Andheri which is a suburb in the western part of Mumbai is a buzzing suburb with a lot of scope for bakeries. But the reasons for not offering cake delivery in Andheri vary from shortage of staff to the increasing transport costs.

A new trend being followed by a lot of bakeries is the facility of ordering from their website. This allows them to upload high resolution pictures of their entire catalogue including innovative theme cakes. A customer can place an order on the website and pay the delivery charges for his/her location. Thus bringing convenience and happiness at your doorstep! Well, theme or not, it is just another way ensure that cakes never die out of fashion and every celebration is not one without it.

Dale's Eden Cake Shop

Purchasing cakes and bakery items online is the best way to make up for a monotonous day or cheer your loved ones. At Dale's Eden Cake Shop, we have everything you need for an individual's delight or a massive party, it's like walking into a virtual store.

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