How to select the perfect Rollator?

Rollators are walkers with three or four wheels, which gives them the flexibility to be moved around easily. You can use them indoors to aid your walking, and outdoors to help support you if you’re not too strong to walk on your own. There are many rolling walkers in the market. If you’re not sure which one to buy, this short but detailed guide will be of immense help to you.


Before you purchase any rollator, you must ensure that it has the perfect weight. The weight should be able to support you when in use. You should also ensure that you select a rolling walker that you can easily carry, especially if you plan to use it out doors. People who will be using lifts to carry their rollator upstairs and into their cars should also make sure they get the one that won’t be too heavy for them.

3 wheels or 4 wheels

Most rollators come in either three wheels or four wheels. Both wheel options are great, but your selection should be greatly influenced by what you plan to use it for. If you’re going to be using it mainly for movements, the three wheel option should be your choice. This is because three wheelers are easy to turn and twist and will give you optimum mobility control. The four wheelers are not so easy to turn, but are the perfect choice for people who are planning to use it more for seating and carrying stuff.


Before you buy any rolling walker, make sure the width can work for your indoor use. Most 4 wheel rollators are wide and can be very useful for exterior uses. But can be a headache in the indoors since some of them might be too wide to easily get through the doors, especially bathroom doors. The 3 wheel rollators are however smaller in width, and some of them can even be collapsed to get through a smaller door. If you are going to use the rollator to carry things more, you should choose one with a larger width.


Seat options come in a large variety. If you want total comfort and flexibility, look for rollators with adjustable seats that you can easily move up and down. You should also put into considerations the materials used for making the seat of your rollator before you make a purchase. A rolling walker with contoured and padded seat can be much more comfortable, compared to the one made from plastic. If seats are very important in your choice of rollator, it is advisable that you don’t consider any three wheelers at all.

Rollators come in different prices, exterior designs and accessories that really make a different. Some accessories can be added after buying them, so make sure you choose a rolling walker that allow you to do this. Going online to dedicated websites that sell rollators or rolling walkers give you best opportunity to see the widest range and select the one that interests you the most.

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