The Yellow Brick Road

How to create fulfillment in a jobless economy

The Yellow Brick Road - A Basic Synergy Training

It is 10 days Personal Development Training focused on bringing a new perspective on fulfillment for 40 people from 8 different countries:

Netherlands, Spain, Georgia, Romania,

Armenia, Croatia, Ukraine and Latvia

Our training aims to approach the phenomena of unemployment from another angle where the individual is encouraged to take actions, have trust and follow the authentic life path- “the yellow brick road”, while having more success in life.

During the training you will have opportunities to improve your:

Personal leadership skills

• Cooperation skills

• Communication and skills

• Planning and organization skills

• Social mapping and Networking skills

• Understanding your own personal working style

• Flexibility in working in international groups

• Ability to identify and use your own potential

We will empower you to:

• Be an inspiring leader; that is to inspire others to go into action by being an example.

• Create results beyond your imagination.

• Work out of excellence; through taking risks, and correcting mistakes.

• Work by the learning by experience method – that is to reflect on one’s actions and act out of

these reflections.

• To put this into practice “back home”

The Yellow Brick Road

Tuesday, March 4th, 10am to Friday, March 14th, 6pm


Ommen, OV

N.B Arrival Day is 3rd of March 2014

Departure day is 15th of March 2014

Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation

Since 1966, the Olde Vechte Foundation has been functioning as a training center for informal learning in Ommen, the Netherlands. The training centers are open to anyone who is motivated to improve personal and professional skills in order to create a better society and a higher quality of life. Striving to bring spirit and energy to each individual, the trainings and projects of Olde Vechte Foundation take learning as an organic process stemming from the diversity of talents and desires of the people involved. It is a living, learning, working and multicultural environment, colored by its international volunteers.