Scott and Jenn

Roush and Massey

Roush family

The Roush family is... very different. There is Blake, wade, jack, will, Tara and of course Scott.

Blake- Very funny,wierd 22 yr. old.

Wade- 12 yr. old awkward child

Jack- 10 yr. old energetic kid

Will- the funny father of Jack and Wade

Tara- Wills awesome girlfriend

Scott- Funny, Awkward guy (my moms boyfriend)

Massey family

The Massey family is... very small. There is my brother Amren, me Cadee, and my mom Jennifer.

Amren- the best brother and friend anyone could ever have

Cadee- 11 yr. old short, skinny, athletic little girl

Jenn- a very pretty, kind, loving mom and girlfriend.