PebbleGo Update

Exciting New Additions to PebbleGo

PebbleGo Update

PebbleGo, your research database for emerging readers, has added Social Studies as a search option. The Social Studies option is a great addition to the PebbleGo databases that include:
  • PebbleGo Animals
  • PebbleGo Earth & Space
  • Biographies
  • Social Studies

At this time, PebbleGo is only available to students and staff members at Brewster Elementary School. The school has a universal user account, please contact Michelle Gohagon ( for the login information.

Explore the PebbleGo Databases

PebbleGo Databases

All of the PebbleGo databases provide a read-aloud feature for emerging readers. Additionally, it provides definitions for key content-related vocabulary words found in the text. Teachers and students can print the text to read offline and watch the highlighted. video.

Please visit all of the databases to answer questions and learn more about animals, our earth and space, notable people, and our community and world!

PebbleGo Social Studies (NEW!)

The PebbleGo Social Studies database includes the following topics for research:

  • My World
  • Long Ago and Today
  • U.S. Symbols
  • Holidays
  • Maps
  • People and Environment
  • All about Money
  • Jobs in the Community
  • Being a Good Citizen
  • U.S Government
  • Families
  • Culture and Awareness