Creating a Character Profile

Analyzing The Mysterious Benedict Society - by Grant Culver

World Class Outcomes & the 4C's

  • Evaluate how authors are strategic in creating meaning with more elements and more complex texts.
  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Our Protagonist - Reynie Muldoon

The protagonist in the fictional story Mysterious Benedict Society is Reynie Muldoon. He is one of the leading or main characters. All of the action centers around him and his friends. Even though the story is told in third-person view, the chapters center around Reynie and his friends, who work against Mr. Curtain, who is the antagonist and is sending dangerous messages through television and radio.


Reynie is a round character because the authors describes him very well, and it would take a while for me to describe him. He isn't flat because the author describes him extremely well. He is not a static character because static characters don't change, and in the Mysterious Benedict Society Reynie changes. This means that Reynie is a dynamic and round character.

Direct and Indirect Characterization of Reynie

Indirect Characterization - Reynie is indirectly characterized because at the beginning of the book, the other kids in the "society" started to think about him as a leader.

Direct Characterization - In the beginning, Miss Perumal says that Reynie is such an intelligent and amazing kid.


Reynie is to Institude as Grant is to Heritage Elementary

Reynie is to clever as Mr. Curtain is to inventive

Reynie is to brain as Walt Disney is to Mickey Mouse

Reynie is to testing as disobedient children are to the waiting room

Reynie is to orphan as Sticky is to genius

About Me

My name is Grant Culver and I am in 6th grade. I love the book Mysterious Benedict Society because it has an interesting plot including the antagonist sending hidden messages through radio waves, and the Mysterious Benedict Society, a group of four talented kids, works with Mr. Benedict to find out what the antagonist is doing and why he's sending suspicious messages.

Emerald Forest Mirror Maze

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 7:30pm

Branson, MO, United States

Branson, MO

The Mysterious Benedict Society is going to a mirror maze to test their skills in critical thinking.