Cold War

Savanah Fenner

Marshall Plan

This event is dangerous because they didnt have money but the marshall plan was going to prevent the spread of communism by giving them money to stop the spread of communism.This cartoon explains them going to war

Berlin Airlift

The event was that its beef between the soviets and the united states . It was a little dangerous in a way because the Soviets and the United States could've went to war. This cartoon explains the Soviets flying over the United States.

Domino Theory

This explains that if one become communism they all become communism.This cartoon explains that if one domino falls the rest falls. The fear of communism spreading might have led to war.


The containment of cold war is to prevent communism. This cartoon explains the USSR. This even can be dangerous because it can lead to war.

Arms Race

Arms Race is the soviet union and the united states building up weapons. Its dangerous because if they both have weapons they will go to war. This cartoon explains easterns and western powers.