Apps for Elementary Education

By Nisha Passi

Brain Pop

Brain Pop is an app that has animated videos that cover any material from any subject, for any grade. It is a great educational resource because it explains concepts in a visual format and it provides quizzes for each topic to ensure that students have understood what was presented in the videos. In my years of schooling from elementary school up until high school we used Brain Pop and I found it to be an engaging way to clear up any misconceptions for a topic of any subject.

Read With Me

Read With Me is an app that allows students to learn how to or enhance their reading skills by reading aloud. This app provides a variety of stories for elementary students. It is a great educational tool because it allows teachers to track their students' progress individually; therefore, they can work with them to increase their literacy skills. This app can also be used any place, so students can have a chance to work on their reading at their own pace!

Elementary Grammar Exercise

Elementary Grammar Exercise is an app that provides an abundance amount of quizzes to improve grammar for elementary students. They are broken up into 5 separate topics that have various categories within, depending on what the student would like to work on. It is a great app for students to learn how to properly learn english grammar.

TeachTown Social Skills Elementary

TeachTown Social Skills Elementary is an app for elementary students, it illustrates several skills that can benefit students as a whole. Social skills are important for everyday life, but it can be difficult to learn, this app gives students a chance to be able to learn these skills. It depicts these skills through enjoyable videos. This app is excellent because it allows teachers to track how each student is doing and therefore can work them individually in grasping these concepts.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is an app that is designed to improve math skills from grade 1 up until grade 8. This app is illustrated in a video game format, which we all know students love! It gives the students to get a head start for many math concepts and compels them to be able to fully understand the concepts, because otherwise, they would not be able to move forward in the game. Math can be a complex subject for many students, however this app allows students to learn math in a fun and engaging way.