April Newsletter

from Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Gunnell

What We've Been Up To...

Can you believe it's April already? This school year is going so fast! Here's a snapshot of what we've been working on.

Math: We've just finished up our chapter on Geometry where we learned to find the area, surface area, and volume of 3D shapes. If your student brought home test corrections, please remind them to turn them in on Monday, April 10th. The next chapter in math will be focusing on Statistics and Probability.

Language Arts: We've read stories about myths, the Underground Railroad, silk, stars, and underwater exploration and we've discussed how discoveries can open new possibilities. Our theme for the next unit is knowing when it's important to take action. The comprehension skills we'll work on are determining the theme and main idea of each passage as well as identifying key details from the text.

Science: We'll be finishing up our study of the stars when we come back from Spring Break. We watched a 3D movie about the Hubble telescope during our field trip that gave us an inside view of galaxies, nebulae, and far away stars. It was exciting to see real images of things we had just talked about in class.

Social Studies: The Medieval Feast helped us experience first hand what it may have been like to live during the Middle Ages. When we come back from Spring Break, we'll continue learning about the feudal system of the Middle Ages. The Current Event form for Term 4 will be handed out April 14th and will be due April 21st.

Keyboarding Practice: Here'a link to get some extra keyboarding practice with a format that's similar to the typing assessment from Mrs. Schenk.


Congratulations to Talmage for winning the 40 Book Challenge for March!

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Photos from the Medieval Feast

Upcoming Events

  • April 14: Unit 6 Week 1 Spelling/Vocab test
  • April 19: Birthday Celebration for Jaxon Reynolds
  • April 21: Unit 6 Week 2 Spelling/Vocab test and Current Events Due
  • April 28: Unit 6 Week 3 Spelling/Vocab test
  • May 2: Birthday Celebration for Gage Propst
  • May 5: Unit 6 Week 4 Spelling/Vocab test
  • May 8-19: Sage Testing

To everyone who has made donations to our classroom basket to those who helped our Medieval Feast a success, we say:

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