Radiant Rubies

November 2014 Newsletter

What a MONTH!

November was a great month for being together with family and friends near and far; I hope you all enjoyed it! We had a lot to offer our customers and hostesses in November and you all handled that with flying colors.

Let's move into December offering solutions and gifting ideas and be personal shoppers for our customers and maybe even some of our guy friends, too, who could use some help shopping for the ladies in his life! With the issue of product shipment and what may not be here for Christmas, my best advice is to offer solutions you know we do have for your top gift recommendations and just stay positive when you need to ask them to pick their second favorite print/color if it's a print that might not still be available by the time you put in the order. I've had a few events and the ladies were very understanding! I don't think in history there has ever been a disaster due to a tote bag so I'm sure we'll make it through Ready Set Sell and helping our shoppers out just fine! ;)




Team Sales $5,406.00

12 Parties

1 New Team Member


Brandi Clegg, 2 parties

Tessa Burrell, 2 parties

Stephanie Garcia, 2 parties

Look Who Else Partied:

Michelle Lohan, 1 party

Sandra McGuire, 1 party

Casey Norris, 1 party

Sonya Haines, 1 party

TOP PV ($600+):

Brandi Clegg $1,589.00 *Brandi said she might take her hubby away for the weekend thanks to this extra commission!

Tessa Burrell, $777.00

Stephanie Garcia, $603.00

Look Who All Was Selling:

Michelle Lohan

Stephanie Garcia

Sandra McGuire

Carol Carson

Tessa Burrell

Casey Norris

Shannon Engle

Sonya Haines

Brandi Clegg

*Celebrate* your accomplishments and enjoy the journey!

Stephanie's Stats:

Parties: 2

PV: $1,084.00

Recruits: 1

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