SCS Digital Dispatch

Learning At Home Edition

A New Normal

We are all adjusting to this new normal during social-distancing. Finding low-tech and high-tech ways to keep your child's learning going is one of our highest priorities in Sheffield City Schools.

This newsletter contains multiple ideas on how to create a learning schedule for your children, many of which do not require a computer. If you do have access to the internet and a computer, please have your child check their SCS email to see if their teacher is reaching out to them through Google Classroom or in other ways. And don't hesitate to email teachers. They are checking their inboxes regularly.

Most teachers prepared a take home package of printed materials for students. If you have not yet picked this up, you can do so on the days we are serving meals (Monday or Wednesday) between 8:30-9:30 am.

Two of our main e-learning tools in SCS is IXL and Reading Horizons. Students K-8 can access IXL and continue working in reading and math! For our K-3 students, please encourage them to continue using Reading Horizons for their reading/phonics work. If they need username/password, please contact their teacher.

How to structure the day/week.

Each week we will send you a newsletter with activities for the week. We encourage you to set aside blocks of time each day for learning, and, to the best of your ability, stay consistent with these two blocks of time for as long as we're out of school.


  • 20 minutes writing
  • 20 minutes reading (2 times per day)
  • 20 minutes mathematics (2 times per day)
  • 20 minutes science and social studies - use some of the links below for more info.

(k - 5th grade; for 6-12th grades, it's possible to double the time)

IDEAS for Homeschooling!

Writing Activities about Home

Either choose a school notebook for use as a Writing Journal (it's ok if there are other things in there), or staple paper together. Each day, your child should choose two activities from the list (it's fine to repeat activities). How long should the piece of writing be? Whatever your child is able to comfortably write in a 20-minute session. It will be different from child to child.

  1. Pick a room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, family room, even bathroom!) and describe your dream version of it. What would it look like? What would it have in it?
  2. Write a conversation between two people in your home, or two imaginary people, where one person is surprised by something in the conversation.
  3. Write a conversation between two people in your home, or two imaginary people, who have a problem or disagreement that gets solved.
  4. Describe your favorite meal
  5. Interview a person in your family about their childhood. Ask about their favorite: games to play, foods to eat, and music to listen to. Write it up in your journal.
  6. Write a journal entry about how you're feeling and what your day was like.
  7. Write down your dreams

* Parents, take a picture of your child's daily journal and send it to his/her teacher by way of their email or social media.

A Little Homeschool Humor


Your child should either read independently for two 20-minute sessions per day, or listen to an audiobook or be read to. Any reading material is fine, as long as you feel it's appropriate. If your child struggles with five or more words on the page, then the selection is too difficult.

Here are some great websites for reading:

My Capstone Library - e-books for TPS. Login ID: Threadgill; Password: School preK-8 years old

Newsela: 2nd-12th grade

EPIC: for kids 12 and under

iREADY - free printables for K-8

Reading Horizons this website is used regularly by our K-3 students. They can email their teacher if they have forgotten username or password.

Google Classroom

Many teachers are using Google Classroom to make assignments. Here is a video just for parents to help you understand how it works! If you have access to a computer, make sure your child is checking to see if they have assignments in their Google Classroom.
Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020


Here are some great science/STEM websites. Check out our own Mrs. Emily Smith's Bulldog Tech Website!

Mrs. Smith's Bulldog Tech Website

Mystery Science

PHET -cool, interactive math/science simulations

AMSTI - great links to all kinds of resources


iREADY - free printables for K-8

PHET -cool, interactive math/science simulations

AMSTI - great links to all kinds of resources

General Educational Websites with all Subjects

Alabama Virtual Library


Art for Kids

Pre-K Activities

School House Rock - Blast from the past teaching videos!

Edmentum - has a promo code to get free access

GoNoodle - fun ways to get up and moving

Khan Academy - teaching videos for almost every grade/subject

PBS Learning Media

Fivable - a website for AP students to study together