6 traits of writing

Derek Jordan


  • You should always choose a topic that interests you
  • Include details such as facts and thoughts


  • Use evaluation sheet to revise
  • Use COPS (capitalization, overall appearance, punctuation, spelling) to edit
Homophones: There, Their, They're


  • Have organization by following the color scheme (topic, conclusion green; main ideas yellow; details red)


  • Speak in an engaging way that makes the reader want more
  • Good writing reveals the writer's voice

word choice

  • Use strong words that deliver a clear message (specific nouns and verbs)
  • Try not to overuse one word

sentence fluency

  • Good sentences have a smooth flow
  • Use simple, compound, and complex sentences

writing process


  • Think of ideas that the writing could be about
  • Make a T table for the format of the writing

  • Get some ideas from this website if you have writers block

compose (rough draft)

  • Use your brianstmoring and your T table to make your first copy


  • Use evaluation sheet to help make improvements

revision and editing

  • Make minor changes to make the writing sound better
  • Edit by using COPS

publishing and sharing

  • Share final copy with others

Writing Process

write tools

core 4 topic sentences

  • Simple statement
  • Number statement
  • Question
  • Situation, stance


  • Transitions help the sentences flow smoothly