By: Makayla, Taylor and Katie

Different ways horses are used.

There are about 70 horse breed registires in the U.S.. Race horses will race alone or pull skullies or jump. Farm horses are ridden or work around the farm. Ranch horses will cut cattle from herds. Pleasure horses are just for riding. Show horses are taken to shows and get trained to do different moves.

Baling Hay with Horses

Ways horses are used on a farm.

They can be used to herd cattle and sheep. They plow fields and bale hay. They could use a draft horse to pull a heavy cart. Many farms don't use horses much anymore other than for riding though.

Horse racing.

There are many forms of horse racing. Chuck wagon races where you have one wagon with outriders. Barrel racing when you go in pattern around 3 barrels. Throughbred racing a is when a jockey rides the horse around a circle track. Jumping is when you go through a patterned like track jumping over different obstacles. Harness racing when you ride in a carriage like cart and are pulled.

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Woman Crushed By Horse

Woman Crushed by Horse

Different breeds of horses that are used for shows, work and racing.

Clydesdale and Percheron are used for working.
Quarter horse, Arbian, and Appalosa are used in shows.
Throughbreds and Standardbreds are used in racing