A Christmas Carol

By Shaylin Dircksen

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote comedy, fiction, history, and even dark novels. After writing for a few years and becoming more and more popular, not only in England but in America as well,he tried to write a different kind of novel. He tried writing a shorter type of story, and the first he wrote of that type was " A Christmas Carol".
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Industrialization during the Victorian Era seemed to have a positive effect on England. When industrialization walked into their Victorian world, medicine, transportation, and ways to make goods were advanced. Industrialization was all about machinery, and how they could make life much easier.
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Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was packed with industrialization, medicine, health care, advanced religious views, and the population had doubled, which was different from the other eras. The people in the Victorian age loved to explore the world, learn new things, and advance their knowledge in things they already know.
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Child Labor and Poverty during the Victorian Age

Society during the Victorian Age didn't think much of the subject of child labor since it was normal to them, and they didn't know anything different from that. Some families made their children work more to earn more money since a majority of people during that age were poor. If you weren't wealthy, you were most likely poor.
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